Synthetic diesel oil apicf-4 15w-40 20w-50

The product adopts high quality high pressure hydrogenation base oil and dispersant with excellent performance and resistance Oxygen corrosion inhibitors, warm wear, and soot - induced abrasives.


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  • What is the basic value of lubricating oil?
    2019-01-18The base number of lubricating oil represents the standard of alkaline substance content in lubricating oil. It is an index to determine the effective additive composition in oil products, to show the neutralization ability of lubricating oil.For dies…
  • Do bubbles have any effect on lubricating oil?
    2019-01-18In the field of equipment lubrication, it is necessary to keep the lubricating oil clean and control the pollution. The air also causes the "pollution" of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil can not only contain water, impurities or other oil liquids…
  • Common causes of engine sludge
    2019-01-181. Bad car use habits: including frequent short distance driving, the engine does not reach sufficient operating temperature. In the low temperature or short distance operation, the water and fuel in the crankcase are not completely evaporated, thus forming emulsification, resulting in the generation of sludge. The engine starts and stops frequently and idles for a long time, which is easy to happen in traffic jam. When the engine overheats, the oil under high temperature will accelerate the oxidation.
  • Warmly celebrate the completion of website revision of wanbaolu (USA) lubricants Group Co., Ltd
    2020-07-13WANBAOLU LUBRICATING OIL in the oil's advanced level of production process, the synthesis of the first match of the line, the quality and environmental protection, of the product and supply of fuel ethanol ( gas engine, petrol and diesel oil and gas. being diesel fuel, energy and the engine ) of mechanical equipment performance, with numerous consumers, there is a complete range of praise and a stable and reliable product the lubricant of machinery in the selected products.


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WANBAOLU LUBRICATING OIL in the oil's advanced level of production process, the synthesis of the first match of the line, the quality and environmental protection, of the product and supply of fuel ethanol ( gas engine, petrol and diesel oil and gas. being diesel fuel, energy and the engine ) of mechanical equipment performance, with numerous consumers, there is a complete range of praise and a stable and reliable product the lubricant of machinery in the selected products.


Wanbao road lubricating oil product formula and deployment technology in the industry in a leading position, has obtained ISO9001, ISO /S16949 quality certification, and has been recognized and recommended by many automotive manufacturers and equipment manufacturing enterprises, widely used in automobiles, construction machinery, shipping, metallurgy, generator sets, industrial equipment, military industry and other fields.


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