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  • Main functions of lubricating oil

    1. Reduce friction and wear, reduce friction resistance to save energy, reduce wear to extend mechanical life and improve economic benefits;2. Cooling, the friction heat should be discharged from the machine at any time;3. Sealing, which is required t…

  • Common causes of engine sludge

    1. Bad car use habits: including frequent short distance driving, the engine does not reach sufficient operating temperature. In the low temperature or short distance operation, the water and fuel in the crankcase are not completely evaporated, thus forming emulsification, resulting in the generation of sludge. The engine starts and stops frequently and idles for a long time, which is easy to happen in traffic jam. When the engine overheats, the oil under high temperature will accelerate the oxidation.

  • Why can't engine oil and diesel engine oil be mixed?

    Engine oil and diesel engine oil can not be mixed. Different engines have different lubricating requirements for engine oil. If motorists mix gasoline engine oil and diesel engine oil carelessly, it will not only cause unnecessary waste, but also shor…

  • What causes the oil to become turbid?

    Normal lubricants should be bright and transparent. If the transparency of lubricating oil has changed, it will prompt us that some changes have taken place in the lubricating oil itself. We should find out the reason and deal with it in time. What ca…

  • Do bubbles have any effect on lubricating oil?

    In the field of equipment lubrication, it is necessary to keep the lubricating oil clean and control the pollution. The air also causes the "pollution" of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil can not only contain water, impurities or other oil liquids…

  • What is the basic value of lubricating oil?

    The base number of lubricating oil represents the standard of alkaline substance content in lubricating oil. It is an index to determine the effective additive composition in oil products, to show the neutralization ability of lubricating oil.For dies…

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