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WANBAOLU has been providing services to R & D capability and quality related products for customers amazing
Rhine company in cooperation with the German WANBAOLU lubricating oil in the laboratory research and development of the GSD-310 multi effect additive (containing a variety of precious metals), and WANBAOLU series products, lubricating oil can lasting firmly adsorption and self lubricating oil film, greatly increasing the abrasion resistance can, combined with Germany imported additives (T-106B)oil with strong acid neutralization and clean dispersion capacity is formed on the surface of the metal, has the antirust function, so as to effectively prolong the service life and maintenance cycle of the engine and industrial equipment. WANBAOLU lubricating oil strictly in accordance with environmental safety and quality management system standards, and through ISO9001, ISO14001 certification of the, (ISO) to strictly follow the international organization for standardization, (API) the American Petroleum Institute, (ACEA) the European Automobile Industry Association, (SAE) of the American Society of automotive engineers and other standards. WANBAOLU for China automotive and industrial equipment performance and use habits, of the oil were adjustment of product performance and improve, and set up a technology research and product development of specialized laboratories in China.