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WANBAOLU LUBRICATING OIL in the oil's advanced level of production process, the synthesis of the first match of the line, the quality and environmental protection, of the product and supply of fuel ethanol ( gas engine, petrol and diesel oil and gas. being diesel fuel, energy and the engine ) of mechanical equipment performance, with numerous consumers, there is a complete range of praise and a stable and reliable product quality.is the lubricant of machinery in the selected products.
The WANBAOLU international petroleum group Limited company besides in North America. European and north the South America state the area develops the market, the Asian and Pacific area will also become one of company's primary service regions.
Corporation promotes “WANBAOLU” the brand lubricating oil for the Asian and Pacific area is Chinese market specialized making specially specially most newly, relies on it to the Chinese market many year investigation and study and the specialized scientific research technology talented person's endeavor, promotes the highly effective product which specially high quality, the environmental protection, saves gas and oil, satisfies each fuel engine (fuel engines and so on gasoline, ethyl alcohol gasoline, natural gas, diesel oil, biological diesel oil. solar energy) and each kind of mechanical device's performance demand, the depth the general consumer's high praise. Depends on for several dozens years, the American Corporation's successful experience and the technical support, receives "rigorously, scientific, steady, the low key" attitude; And uses the high quality raw material by the unique craft formula, specialized to be engaged in the high-level environmental protection lubricating oil, the fat development and the production. The great variety of goods, the technology is single-minded, the product involves the domain to be widespread, and provides the specialty technical advisory work and the high quality post-sale service. 
The WANBAOLU Limited company anticipated that has many have gentleman of the talent to ally, communal development.