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What is the basic value of lubricating oil?

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The base number of lubricating oil represents the standard of alkaline substance content in lubricating oil. It is an index to determine the effective additive composition in oil products, to show the neutralization ability of lubricating oil.
For diesel engine lubricating oil, the base value is because diesel engines, especially ships, burn sulfur-containing heavy oil and other fuel oil, and this kind of diesel engine oil is mixed with fuel oil in the engine, resulting in the engine will produce acidic substances in the process of operation, so the significance of the existence of base value here is to neutralize acid substances and prevent equipment corrosion.
For metalworking fluid, a certain base value can ensure the activity of additives in lubricating oil, such as non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibitor, stabilizer, etc., which means that many lubricating oil additives are easy to fail or deteriorate in acidic environment, while the stability function of such additives can be maintained in alkaline environment. The alkali value of many metalworking fluids is about 9.0, too high will stimulate the skin of workers, and too low base value will affect the activity of additives.