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Do bubbles have any effect on lubricating oil?

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In the field of equipment lubrication, it is necessary to keep the lubricating oil clean and control the pollution. The air also causes the "pollution" of lubricating oil. The lubricating oil can not only contain water, impurities or other oil liquids, but also avoid containing air, whether it is the foam on the oil surface or the bubbles contained in the oil. The reason of air mixing in lubricating oil is complex. Sometimes it is not necessarily the problem of oil itself, so adding antifoam agent or changing oil can not solve the fundamental problem.
Bubbles and foam are harmful to lubricating oil and machinery, and bubbles will accelerate the oxidation deterioration rate of lubricating oil, accelerate consumption of additives, affect heat dissipation, and not form a complete lubricant film, causing wear and tear to equipment. Bubbles in the high-pressure system will also cause local high temperature, so that the oil quickly deteriorated. In addition, the air is easy to compress, there is gas in the lubricating oil, the oil film thickness will become thinner and even the oil film will break, and the mechanical parts will be directly rubbed to cause wear. When the bubble breaks under pressure, the metal surface will be damaged by cavitation. In addition, bubbles can cause unstable operation of the equipment.