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Hydraulic synthetic oil 6#8#

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Product Description:
Accession This product is made of deep refined hydrogenated base oil and zinc free additive by adopting international advanced technology level production process.
Accession Outstanding anti-wear performance, through a variety of hydraulic pump tests, effectively extend the service life of the pump and system;
Accession Excellent oxidation stability, longer service life of oil, excellent rubber adaptability, effectively protect sealing materials and prevent leakage;
Accession Good water separation performance, make oil and water quickly separated, avoid oil emulsification, good air release and anti foaming;
Accession Good viscosity temperature performance and good shear stability provide effective lubrication protection at high temperature;
Scope of application:
Accession It is widely used in high pressure hydraulic system of industry, shipping and mobile mechanical equipment;
Accession It is widely used in construction machinery, construction machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical equipment and other high-pressure hydraulic systems.
Package specification: 1L / 2L / 4L / 16L / 18L / 200L