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Synthetic heavy duty gear oil APIGL-5

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Synthetic heavy duty gear oil apigl-585w-90
Product Description:
The excellent extreme pressure, wear resistance and shear resistance significantly improve the scratch resistance and bearing capacity of the oil, and effectively lubricate and protect the gear, bearing and other parts running under various complex working conditions.
The excellent thermal oxidation stability can significantly improve the high temperature resistance and oxidation resistance of oil products, and effectively protect gears, bearings and other parts to work normally for a long time or at a higher temperature.
It has good shear stability and stable oil film, which makes the gear work quietly and smoothly. Excellent anti foaming property ensures smooth power transmission and prevents abnormal damage of tooth surface.
Excellent anti oxygen, anti-corrosion and anti rust performance, long service life and extended overhaul period.
It can effectively prevent low speed / high torque wear and scratch during high-speed operation.
Scope of application:
It is applicable to the rear axle and gearbox gear lubrication system of passenger cars, heavy trucks and other vehicles and engineering machinery equipment requiring the use of GL-5 or below gear oil.
It is suitable for hyperbolic gear box and bevel gear differential of heavy load vehicle tail shaft, especially for drive axle (front and rear axle) and manual transmission (with synchronizer and without synchronizer) of various vehicles.
Executive standard: gb13895-1992
Specification: 2004l / package