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Synthetic gasoline engine oil APISF

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Synthetic gasoline engine oil APISF
10W-30 15W-40
Product Description:
The excellent cleaning and dispersing performance is developed and designed for the urban road conditions in China, which can effectively inhibit the carbon deposition and sludge formation under the start-up and stop conditions, and keep the engine clean;
Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-wear performance, fully protect the engine;
The annual span of the products is large, which is suitable for all regions and can be used in all seasons
The unique formula can effectively prolong the engine life, and it is suitable for all kinds of economical cars in harsh environment such as frequent start stop and long-time operation.
Scope of application:
It is recommended to be widely used in carburetor minicars, light buses and light trucks such as Xiali, Aotuo, Changhe, Dafa, Songhuajiang, Wuling, Jilin, etc
Executive standard: GB11121-2006
Package specification: 3.5L