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Synthetic gasoline engine oil APISG

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Synthetic gasoline engine oil apisg
10W-30 15W-40
Product Description:
The excellent dispersion and high temperature oxidation resistance make the engine cleaner;
Reduce the black sludge caused by start stop driving conditions;
The excellent anti-wear performance can effectively prolong the service life of the engine;
Low volatility, reduce oil consumption;
Good rubber compatibility, effectively protect sealing materials and prevent leakage.
Scope of application:
It is recommended to use all kinds of economic cars in the city, such as Santana 2000, ordinary Santana, Passat century rookie, Jetta king, Jetta, etc;
It is suitable for gasoline engines requiring the use of SG, SF, Se and other engine oils
Executive standard: GB11121-2006
Package specification: 3.5l/4l