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Synthetic gasoline engine oil APISJ

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Synthetic gasoline engine oil apisj
5W-30 15W-40
Product Description:
The excellent cleaning and dispersing performance is developed and designed for the urban road conditions in China, which can effectively inhibit the carbon deposition and sludge formation under the start-up and stop conditions, and keep the engine clean;
Excellent anti-oxidation and anti-wear performance, fully protect the engine;
The annual span of the products is large, which is suitable for all regions and can be used in all seasons;
The unique formula can effectively prolong the engine life, and it is suitable for all kinds of economical cars in harsh environment such as frequent start stop and long-time operation.
Scope of application:
It is recommended to use all kinds of economical cars in cities, such as Santana, Volkswagen, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Jetta, etc;
It is suitable for gasoline engines requiring SJ grade oil.
Executive standard: GB11121-2006
Package specification: 4L